Our Services

Geological studies

  • Selection of mineral property
  • Desk top and field studies
  • Identifying suitable mineral properties based on available preliminary technical information through Remotesensing and GIS
  • Reconnotary geological surveys that include rock, soil, stream sediment and water sampling
  • synthesis of results and report
  • A detailed geological surveys – technical due diligence
  • Rock, soil, stream sediment and water sampling and delineation of potential areas within the tenements
  • Preparation geological maps of various scales
  • Planning for pits and trenches where ever necessary
  • Petrographic and ore microscopic studies for characterization of ore minerals
  • Geochemical analyses for desired elements
  • Preparation drill plan optimization of the boreholes as per international standards – NI43 101 and JOARC
  • Reconnoitary drilling
  • Core logging
  • Correlation of lithologies
  • Reserve estimations, 3 D modeling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Generation of geological data for bankable feasibility studies

Flow sheet design

  • Bulks sampling for study of various ore characters for Flow sheet design and testing in the field


  • Mine planning
  • Estimation of budgets equipment, machinery and man power
  • Mine management
  • Selection of suitable manpower through various sources
  • Selection of machinery
  • Optimization of manpower and machinery
  • Test run
  • Third party technical due diligence

Other services:

  • Geophysical surveys
  • Ground water prospecting
  • Ground magnetics for various minerals
  • Geotechnical investigations for Atomic reactors, dams, and tunnels


  • Train the manpower to suit the needs of the project


  • It is a new concept that is back office support for mineral exploration (BOSME). It is an integration of field data with spatial technologies and tested in various African countries on many mineral deposits. It is designed to suite the junior investors considering the risk and cost involved in exploration


  • Many of our clientele often looking for market for their mineral produce. We can look for good end using market for them.

Special services:

The Department of Atomic Energy and the Atomic Minerals Directorate has partly opened up to service sector, especially the exploration for beach sands and uranium partly. Many Indian and multinationals are coming up into this sector

With our vast experience in assessment and exploration of uranium, Rare earth elements, (heavy minerals in beach and river sediments), Niobium, columbite, tantalum, tin and tungsten, we can

  • Evaluate areas,
  • Synthesize the data,
  • Explore and prove these deposits.
  • Geotechnical investigations for reactor sites

Our company is the first of its kind in the exploration market to offer these services in India.